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Fun Ways to Include your Dog (or Cat!) in your Wedding Day

We all love our furry friends and finding unique ways to include them in your wedding day can make it that much more special, even if they arent't physically with you that day. We have all seen th epictures and movies where the dog or cat is the Ring Bearer, but nowadays there are so many more ways to have them be part of your special day!

Name your Signature Drink after them

What better way to include your pup than to have a custom made bar sign featuring a signature drink named after them? Get as creative as you want with the drink you create! It can match your theme, the name of your pet, or just be a favourite of you or your partner.

Check out these cute signature drink bar signs from Blake Creative Co.!

Feature your pet on your table numbers

Use a likeness of your pet at each table so all of your guests can enjoy!

Have your pet on the seating chart

The more pictures of your pets the merrier! Guide guests to their seats with those adorable pictures of your furry friends.

Offer pet treats as your wedding favour - From your favourite friend to theirs!

What better way to send your guests off then with a treat to take home to their own pets? Make or buy your treats and package them up with a cute message from your pet.

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