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Champagne Social YEG

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Once a month we feature one of our favourite vendors to work with. This month we are highlighting Champagne Social YEG, offering champagne and bar service, specializing in signature cocktails, popsicles and traditional bar service!

Champagne Social YEG offers champagne and bar service specializing in signature cocktails, popsicles and traditional bar service. They also offer add-ons such as picnic service, popsicles, Champagne wall and a blue bar rental- an unexpected ‘something blue’!

They also have add on options that can include balloons, flowers, a flower wall as well to personalize even further.

Even if you have hired your evening bar service we are fabulous for the champagne toast and for getting ready!

Prices start at $400.

Q & A With Tanja

What got you started in weddings?

About 13 years ago I worked for an event company. I went through a divorce and moved to Alberta with a 4 year old. I needed to be a Mom, I spent the next years concentrating on family, went back to school and after my second wedding in November 2021, I began to get inspired.

I love the toast I love the celebration and I re-fell in love with this industry as I fell in love. I knew where my niche was and dove back in.

What is your favourite part of weddings?

The toast! It’s inspiring seeing everyone come together and toast love, marriage + commitment.

Do you support LGBTQ* weddings?

Absolutely! Love is love!

Love who you love, drink the champagne and eat the cake.

To find out more about the services Tanja offers at Chanmpage Social YEG:


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